Planning a Party ? Not a Problem

on 23 April, 2012

Planning a Party ? Not a Problem

Planning a large celebration can be challenging, from setting a date that works for everyone to creating a fun party atmosphere, there are lots of work that goes into planning the perfect event. But, regardless of who or what the party is for, there are some ways to ensure your big date comes off without a hitch.

Renting makes sense

Few of us host large gatherings on a regular basis, so it’s not surprising if you don’t have enough seating, tables-wares, cutlery, tents on a hot summer day, inflatables for the kids, music or a supply of chafing dishes to keep everything warm on your buffet. Since you may only use these items once or twice a year, it make sense not  to buy, instead rent them – plus, where would you store them for the rest of the year?

Fortunately, it’s possible to rent just about everything you could possibly need to stage a large-scale celebration. Party Rentals in your area carry party necessities from chairs and tables to place settings and stemware, concession, Inflatables, tents to festive decor. Just remember to reserve your items early, especially if your party is during a busy time of year like the holidays. Call (718) 708 6118 to make your reservation

Where not to skimp

Saving money is vital when you’re planning a big event. It’s smart to look for the best deals you can talk to one of our staff member to find creative ways to save money. But every host knows there is one aspect of the party that can’t be skimped on – and that varies from event to event, and crowd to crowd, my personal  item that I would not cut corners on is the Liquor.

If you know your party will be heavily attended by foodies, you may want to spend a bit more on gourmet fare and cut costs in other areas. If your guests are the more, “ sophisticated type “, it may make sense to invest more in live music

Knowing what you can rent to save money and where you have to spend is an essential part of staging a smashing event and saving money at the same time. Special ways to spice things up

Every party should have at least one element that gives guests a delightful surprise. Maybe it’s a make-your-own desert station for the company holiday party, or a chocolate fountain for your large family gathering or our exciting Inflatable bouncers.  

Whether it’s adding elegant lighting and centerpieces for your New Year’s Eve party, or a large screen television and games for your football party, adding a special touch can really set the tone for the event. It’s easy to find these types of rental party items that make for a special surprise for your guests.


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